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10 excuses to celebrate with a morning mimosa


Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s have become as routine in a Sunday brunch as waffles with cream and powdered sugar and soothing sounds of other voices talking about how much they love brunch.

Mimosas (equal parts of sparkling wine/ champagne and orange juice) are a treat for any morning; not just Sundays. They can be enjoyed on the patio, gazing out from your balcony, around the pool, or if it’s winter, get curled up by the fire.

Here’s a few reason to crack open the bottle- cause once it’s open, you must drink it before it goes flat 😉

1. If you’re older than 23 and woke up this morning without a wrinkle on your face. Bottoms up.

2. You woke up this morning and you feel peachy, not like a deceased donkey. Reward yourself.

3. There’s a game this afternoon. Better get an early start before the football beers.

4. You have a delicious plate of Eggs Benedict. You mastered your chef skills to make them gooey and picture-perfect.

5. Your orange juice is about to expire, and what other use does plain orange juice have?

6. (If it is Sunday) It’s the last socially acceptable day of the week to be a little day-buzzed, better take advantage of that. If it’s not Sunday, pick another excuse.

7. Your friends are coming over and it’s rude to not offer one or three. If they’re not coming over, invite them.

8. There’s only ______ days until your birthday!

9. Someone was genius enough to pair bubbles with juice and serve it with breakfast.

10. It’s always best to start your day in a happy mood, and who doesn’t get at least a little happy when they drink a mimosa?

Bonus # 11: If you can open the bottle all by yourself without taking out an eye then you have to drink it!

Love from Lala.

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