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8 Signs from a 20-something-year-old who thinks they know what love is

When You Love Someone a Little Too Much to Let Go


*Don’t worry, this isn’t totally cheesy.

Love is like a Dove commercial promoting “healthy” body types. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colours. No one likes a Barbie doll, so may as well eat that funnel cake and be happy.

Like the bodies displayed in this Dove campaign, I believe that love comes in all sorts of ways, you can love more than one person, there’s different types of love, and you can certainly have more than one “best friend”. Of course, I’m totally in support of being faithful, and find the alternative quite disturbing; especially now that I think I finally I know about love what Justin Bieber has claimed to know since he was nine years old.

The saying is something like “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back it was meant to be.” Well yeah wouldn’t it be nice to put love to the test, but what happens when you just can’t handle the results?

If you think loving someone who doesn’t love you back is hard, try loving someone who can’t love you back.

Sure there are reasons why people can’t be together; the classic story of Romeo & Juliet, for example. Distance, religion, race, family. But these people love each other in a mutual way. And if they don’t quite yet, there’s usually a chance they might.

I wont bore you with the details of my own story (actually that’s probably tormenting you now but for the mean time, I will keep it a secret), but I have been head-over-heels involve with a person who can not physically love me for circumstances beyond their control.

I’d never want to change them for the world. The main thing that stops me being with him – other than the fact I can get a little nuts- is what makes him the most happy. And what makes me the most happy, is seeing him happy.

“I may not be a smart girl, but I know what love is” (Forest Gump reference to all you kids who aren’t legal to drink with me). I used to think the opposite. I used to think I was a smart girl, which, even after many poor decisions, that I was still intelligent.

Maybe I’m wrong and I still don’t know, but for the past seven months I saw my feelings transform from love like I love my girlfriends to those sickening romances they rub in your face in the movies.

But now I’m like “Okay Ryan Gosling, I get it now”.

But this is what I’ve come to believe are “signs that I know I’m in love”.

*In advance, I apologise if this makes you doubt your feelings to your current partner. Who knows, maybe this isn’t love and I’m just psycho. Take it or leave but please leave your negativity where someone else cares.

You think they’re perfect and wouldn’t change the littlest thing about them. As I said, I wouldn’t change him for the world. Sorry world, but this guy and my family mean the world to me. Even the main thing that keeps us apart is  part of the lifestyle and persona which makes him so charismatic.

When they talk about their exes who’ve broken their hearts and cheated, you think about it later and cry more than they do. How could someone ever hurt this person you think the world of? You’d never cheat on them, lie to them, or do anything knowing that it may hurt them. These people were lucky enough to have a chance with this man and they blew it?

They make you smile in a way which no one else does. Sometimes when I’m standing by my mirror, which is like 43% of my day, I catch a glimpse of myself smiling in the cutest and most sincere way when I think of him.

You let them vent and don’t mind when they express their emotions to you. I believe that people’s negativity is more contagious than their positivity, so I do my best to stay happy around everyone, which is why I’m so charismatic and charming. When you like someone enough, you don’t mind when they’re in a bad mood or unhappy, not because you don’t care, but because you’re happy they can be comfortable in front of you.

You just can’t find anyone else attractive.

I haven’t noticed anyone good looking other than David Beckham’s Instagram in over 5 months. I haven’t been able to give anyone else a chance because I just don’t want to. Yeah, my love is just going to waste, but hopefully one day I’ll meet someone who I just might like a little better. But, if you met this guy, you’d know I’d need to go to Planet Charming,Good-looking, Abs, Tanned, Funny, Outgoing Mercury or another warm planet to find another like him.

You open up your heart to them just to see if there’s a chance they felt the same way about you, the answer was no, but you still will do anything to keep them in your life. Awkwardness does not exist if you love someone. Well I mean, I don’t think I’d ever do certain bodily functions or act like a total sloth (I just found out those things are not extinct and die out in the Ice Age) in front of a boy. But, comfort is key. So if you pour your heart out and the answer isn’t what you like, you accept it, push it to the back of your mind, and only wish the best for them.

Despite writing all this, you know there’s a 99% chance they’re reading it right now, knowing it’s about them, and you don’t really mind cause at this point, what do you have to loose?

NOW. Let’s all join hands and crack a bottle of champagne. Someone needs to come over and open mine since I’m afraid of champagne bottles and other things to go bang.

Embarrassing true moment: I thought I was in love with a boy from Milwaukee, Wisconsin when I lived there. I even wrote a song, published it, and had it on YouTube for a while, called “American Sweetheart”. It’s no longer up, but check out my other songs at

Love from Lala.

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