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Be a Bombshell – Discovering a Passion for Pole Dancing


Be a Bombshell

Discovering a Passion for Pole Dancing

Don’t just dance like no one’s watching. Dance like the whole world is watching and they’re cheering you on -That’s always been my motto.

Since discovering the art of pole dancing a few months ago, I feel more powerful, feminine and confident expressing myself as a dancer. I’ve developed a new passion, a toned physique, a productive way to spend my free time, and best of all… a wonderful set of friends.


Prior to joining Brass Bombshells in downtown Burlington a week or so after I moved to the area, I had never tried a pole dancing or an aerial fitness class. Not only are these classes super fun, but they’re a great workout as they are strength-building, core conditioning and require flexibility- the more advanced classes will certainly get your heart rate going too! One of our regular students has lost  30 lbs. since she began as a student in March 2016.


My favourite thing about Brass Bombshells is the support and encouragement I have received from the instructors. Each teacher has their own unique personality, training style, and attitude; but what they have in common is their passion for their job and pride they take in their students.


Meet Carmelle…. a beautiful, talented dancer and successful business woman. She is the owner of Brass Bombshells.

Carmelle took an interest in pole dancing 11 years ago, and helped pioneer the genre in Toronto by opening Canada’s first pole dancing studio chain in 2005. When she embarked upon a new business opportunity which combined her appreciation for fitness and love of dancing, the vision of Brass Bombshells was born.

“What I loved about pole dancing the most was that it fulfilled a self-empowerment and self-esteem vessel for women which is a subject that is very close to my heart,” says Carmelle.

Believe it or not, this blonde bombshell is 40 years old and a mother of 2-and-a-half-year-old little girl. Carm says that pursuing a career which is also her passion has kept her young.

What is most rewarding to Carmelle as the proud owner of Brass Bombshells is knowing the impact it has had on so many lives, the friendship and connections that have been made, and especially the love women have found within themselves.


Let me introduce you to Kelly… known by her students as “Sergeant Kelly” for her military-style approach to teaching, this pole-trickster will challenge you to deliver your best performance in every class. 

Hailing from Oakville and 27 years old, Kelly began learning pole dancing six years ago and has been teaching for just over three.  Boasting the perfect combo of beauty and brains, when she began as an instructor, Kelly was working full-time as a detailer at a retail fixture manufacturer – essentially making 3D models and “drawing up plans for the guys in the back to build”.

Now, Kelly works full time as both a pole instructor and developing her own business as a Team Beach Body Coach: helping friends and family complete a ‘fitness journey’ to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

“The thing I love the most about teaching is seeing the girls succeed at a new spin, trick or move! It’s wonderful to do something I love for work… ‘cause it’s not work!!”

Kelly never fails to impress with an awesome performance, whether it’s during a Brass Bombshells Showcase or just dancing at the end of class, showing off her favourite moves like the Teddy and Spiral Spin to the sensual tunes of The Weeknd.


Say hello to Sarah…. she’ll greet you with a beautiful smile and welcome you to class with open arms. Sarah has been pole dancing for five years, and recently decided to share her expertise and became an instructor this summer.

Known for offering a unique range of classes including ‘Hot Seat’ chair dancing, the 28-year old works in nuclear medicine as a Radiopharmaceutical Production Technologist by day.

“I love seeing the ladies becoming comfortable in their own skins and progressing and nailing moves they have struggled with. It’s like watching little caterpillars turning into beautiful graceful butterflies.”

You’ll be captivated by the way Sarah moves her body in slow isolations such as reverse circles of 8s  to the slow and sultry sound of indie music.


Have you talked to Tatiana? … Or better yet, have you witnessed the spectacular performances of ‘Xena T’, a professional pole performer who has been practicing for four and half years, and teaching for over three.

At only 24 years old, this majestic dancer continues to live an artistic lifestyle outside the studio, sharing her passion for music with others as she manages a record store during the day.

For Tat, pole dancing is about progressing not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. “What I love most about teaching is seeing my students break out of their shells, and transform into strong and confident individuals,” says Tatiana.

When Xena T is on stage she whips her fiery red hair, pairing graceful movements such as the jade split with the contrasting sounds of heavy metal.


Are you ready to show off some SASS?

Be a part of this spectacular troupe known as Army of Sass – a dance performance and training program for women who are ready to show off some extra attitude and perform a sexy routine in heels.

AOS is a franchise operated at the Brass Bombshells studio and is taught by Carmelle! When Carm teaches AOS, she boats the appeal of a classic feminine icon – think Marilyn Monroe meets Christina Aguilera!  She will teach you her secrets to flaunt your body and strut with confidence to deliver a jaw-dropping performance.

The 10-week program consists of a two-hour session each week and a final production – the first hour doing exciting drills in heels, and the second hour learning choreography for the themed show. Check out the page for more details on free promo sessions or to register for the Winter 2017 session beginning January 12th!

Check out “The Grinch” on December 11th.


Why be a bombshell?

I became a member of Brass Bombshells because I love that the vibe is non-competitive and there is no drama between our members. Every class is challenging, but the atmosphere is relaxing, motivating and fun. We love to laugh, dance, and be in good company.

You don’t need to commit to be a member of the studio, as you can come as much or as little as you’d like. With a variety of courses offered in the mornings, evenings and weekends, there are classes to fit to every schedule. Members can choose to buy monthly unlimited packages and spend hours at the studio each week, purchase a package of passes, or just come on a drop-in basis.

Check out the website for more information, promos and upcoming workshops! We look forward to meeting you and you joining our community!


Love from Lala.

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