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Chelsea Pub In Gatineau – Deliciously Accommodating for the Picky Patron


Accommodation without Question

A Delicious and Healthy Creation from the Spectacular Service at Chelsea Pub


The thought of going out to eat with a large group of friends can be very daunting when you’re a picky eater like me. Food intolerances and personal dietary restrictions make it hard for me to find good restaurants which are respectful or accommodating of my requests.
When I heard our party of 12 girls was going to a small Gastro Pub for my friend’s Bachelorette Weekend getaway to Gatineau, I dreaded the thought of ordering from the menu, as I would be limited to a usual Garden Salad with chicken.

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Our waitress, Emily, did an outstanding job of juggling the orders from our group, the rest of her patrons, and especially my specific dietary needs.

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Based on chicken and vegetables being my staple diet, and avoiding heavy carbs, cream, fried food, etc, Emily helped me select one of their salads and customise it to meet my necessary substitutions- and all with a friendly and helpful attitude!

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I ordered the Salade di Parma, with chicken instead of the prosciutto, holding the cheese, and even swapping out spring mix for regular lettuce (the Spring Mix isn’t a food intolerance, I just HATE the taste of mixed greens).

The result was amazing! A delicious and healthy salad I could thoroughly enjoy while my friends indulged in the one-of-a-kind creations on the menu such as Pulled Pork Poutine, Seafood Mac n’ Cheese, and Squash Ravioli. I tried small bites of their dishes and can tell you that any of those options are amazing!

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From working at a restaurant myself, I know it’s frustrating when customers like me come in and have intricate alterations to what is offered on the menu, especially when the establishment is busy. I also know the pride chefs take in the ingredients in their dishes, and some even get offended when they’re asked for substitutions.

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I want to say a HUGE thank you to Emily and the Chefs at Chelsea Pub for turning a spectacular creation into something I could enjoy with my friends…without having to spoil the rest of the evening due to a bad food reaction!





When I come back to Gatineau, I will be sure to return!

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Love from Lala.

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