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My First Days at The Pink Palace

A Member of The Royal Family – Starting Life Working at Greece’s Famous Youth Hostel, The Pink Palace

I’m sitting here eating a greasy sandwich and in need of a nap, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

As you know, I came to Corfu on Sunday June 25th with no real idea where the place was or what to expect working Greece’s famous youth hostel, The Pink Palace, in Agios Gordios Beach, Corfu.

When I got off the plane at Corfu Airport, I couldn’t find my shuttle for the hostel… but I wasn’t scared. I called them to make sure I’d be picked up that night. No problem! Because my plane was a late coming in the driver had already been to pick up guests and was planning to come back for me shortly.

When the shuttle came I was joined by some college kids from Spain. Together we sang and danced to “It’s raining Men” by Gerri Halliwell as we drove through the mountains and witnessed a gorgeous sunset.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a welcome shot of Ouzo and given a brief on what to expect as guests at The Pink Palace.

I introduced myself as their new employee. Instantly I was welcomed as part of The Pink Palace family, although still not knowing what my expectations would be as an Activities Runner.

Never having stayed in a hostel before I was pleasantly surprised at how eager all the guests were to make friends right away. I’d kind of heard this was common, as people who travel tend to be social and like to meet new people and share their stories.

Although I was technically not an employee yet, the main Bar and Activities Runner quickly took me under his wing and told me I’d be working with him. Later at the bar the receptionist from  Australia and I bonded over some drinks.

Writing this it is now Tuesday, although I’m sure it will be a while until I have an opportunity to publish it. Since arriving at 9:30pm on Sunday I’ve instantly felt welcomed and like I fit in. Yes, they’r all a bunch of high-energy, crazy weirdos at The Palace!

It’s going to be hard work every day, all day, interacting with guests from all over the world. But I feel I am in good hands, and I live in a gorgeous place. The scenery is astonishing and reminds me of my time living in the British Virgin Islands.

Yesterday I did a Quad Bike Tour to get an idea of one of the three trips I’ll be running, and today I was put to work “helping” lead a Kayak Safari down the beach and exploring some nearby cliffs. The scenery was phenomenal as was the monastery where we spend time swimming and jumping from cliffs .

Although I was honest and admit to my boss that kayaking is NOT Lala’s cup of tea, I would recommend the tour to anyone who enjoys adventurous physical challenges as the safari offered exclusive vistas of Corfu from out on the water and time enjoying the hidden natural gems near The Palace.  Several of the guest on the tour took their waterproof Go- Pro cameras- a great idea- and my new friend Keenan from South Africa even got unreal footage on his drone!

I have only spent two days at The Pink Palace and have fallen involve with my surroundings. For the summer I’ll be working as an Activities Runner and contributing as a Writer and Web Marketer, allowing me to bring my professional skills and experience to the team.

Traveling is a great way to see the world, but spending my whole summer at Agios Gordios Beach will allow me to become a “local” of Corfu and establish myself as a member of  kind of a one-of-a-kind “Royal Family”!


Love from Lala.

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