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Happy Mother’s Day – Ways to build a stronger bond with your Mum

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.

How can we show our appreciation for all you do in a novel way which beats a card, bunch of flowers, and booking a table for a fancy Mother’s Day Brunch? Of course, these are all lovely gifts and should not be over-looked, but there are little things we can do for our Mum’s on their special day and throughout the year to show how much we love them. By spending a little creative time together, both Daughters and Sons may discover how much more you have in common with the one they once called “Mama”.


Treat her to a cup of coffee and a conversation.

You don’t need to plan a coffee date and spend $5 on Starbucks to have a good conversation with your Mum. As we grow up our Mum’s see less of us, less of our friends, hear less about are particular hobbies and interests. Next time you’re in the kitchen and you both have 15 minutes, make your Mum a cup of coffee and grab some chocolate Hob-Nobs, sit down in the living room and catch-up on what’s new with you and those around you.

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Help choose and buy her a new blouse or outfit.

Like my Mum, it’s hard to buy an item of clothing for most women. The colours, the shapes, the sizes…we’re often wrong on what we think would suit our mothers. This doesn’t mean we give up and settle for a gift that’s thoughtful but impersonal. Invite your Mum out shopping and help her choose a new top or shoes which you both agree highlight her best features.


Go for a drive and map out scenic places to stop.

Driving from point A to B only gives us a time for a brief chat over some music until we reach our destination. Plan an actual drive with your Mum for an hour or two and map out some specific spots which will spark some conversation. Share thoughts about a spectacular vista, a natural wonder, or an intriguing building. If you’re in the town where you grew up, stop at your elementary school, the park where you fell and scraped your knee, or the cafe that served the delicious banana muffins, making the journey also a trip down memory lane.


Take a few photos and start a new mother-daughter or mother-son album.

It’s Mother’s Day, so whether you’re going out for a meal or just gathering around the house, dress in something nice and get a few cute photos together with your Mum. This can be the start of a new album, and continue to take new pictures as you both grow older. One day you’ll look back at these photos and be glad you captured the memories while you had the chance.

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Dig up the old photo albums and ask your Mum about each picture.

Somewhere in our parents’ rooms or in the basement, there are several old albums  from back in the days when we used to be our Mummy’s delightful little prince or princess; or possibly they’re printed out still waiting to be placed a physical album. Go through the the finished ones or put the loose pictures into albums and ask you Mum about where that dress came from, whose house had the ugly orange floral couch, or what an earth was that stuff smeared all over your face.


Come over and cook her a meal.

If you still live with your parents, take the initiative to go grocery shopping to prepare a recipe which is delicious enough to impress and simple enough not to mess up. Set the dining room table with some old photos, your Mum’s favourite flowers, and be sure to clean up the mess when you’re done.


Take a fitness or arts class together.

When we’re younger, the thought of doing something like a fitness or art class with our Mum can be somewhat embarrassing, but once you mature, you’ll be surprised how much fun it can be to bond over a mutual interest. Schedule to take a class over several weeks, or if you’re only in town for a visit, do a drop in session. I started to take a weekly dance class with my Mum and some older ladies, all of whom envied that their daughters weren’t there to show off.


Go on a picnic.

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing like spending some peaceful time outdoors with your Mum. Pack yourselves sandwiches, a Tupperware of salad, and bring a flask of coffee. The time spent preparing the picnic will be enjoyable, as well as the time you spend enjoying it.


Turn on some old music and dance around the kitchen.

When I say some “old” music, I don’t mean the painful rap songs you made your Mum play in the car in 2005 when she drove you to a school dance. I mean an oldie from back in your Mum’s youth to show her you know her taste in music and can enjoy it too. Grab her hand and get her dancing- don’t worry, no one else is watching.

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Help her with the chores.

Next time you see you’re Mum cleaning or spot her to-do list of spring cleaning and odd jobs around the house, ask if you can help her get the task done twice as fast. Cleaning can be a good opportunity to catch up and swap stories while engaging in not so pleasant but necessary tasks.


Reminisce about the memories characters from your past.

There’s nothing like bonding over a good inside joke about a time, place or person you both remember. Talk about the cashier who wore purple lipstick on your shopping trips after school, the time you dressed yourself and it turned out to be school picture day, or when you used to lick the mixing bowl when Mum made your birthday cakes.


Start following a TV show together.

Whether you live at home or not, follow a show with your Mum and plan to discuss it after each episode. You can watch the show on your own time if necessary, or dedicate an hour a week to watch it together.

13. Plan a weekend-getaway or trip.

My Mum and I have travelled several times together, just her and I. When I lived in California, my Mum came down to help me pack up after a few months studying abroad and we used it as an opportunity to visit Los Angeles. We had some great times stalking celebrities, meeting new people, getting into mischief; it was wonderful to spend time just Mummy and me.


Since then we have gone on other trips, and I planned an entire week of surprises for her birthday when she visited me living in the British Virgin Islands.

I love adventures with my Mum. If you don’t have the time or funds for a longer trip, go for a night or weekend in a nearby town, find a cozy Bed & Breakfast and plan to see a show or check out an event together.

Whether you reside at home with your Mum, are visiting her for the day, or are living abroad and wishing Happy Mother’s Day by phone, take the time to listen, ask questions, laugh and share memories together. Time is the most valuable gift, and every moment spent with your Mum is precious.

Love from Lala.

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