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“Fluff This. I’m Going to Europe”: The Rationale Behind My Mid-20s Crisis


“Fluff This. I’m Going to Europe”: The Rationale Behind My Mid-20s Crisis


We all know the term “mid-life crisis”. Middle-aged men and women decide to splurge on luxuries of materialistic clothes, toys and travelling. Some may say they want to re-live their youth as they reflect upon the “what ifs” of their past. Often their behaviour doesn’t  seem to be rational to an outsider.


I can relate. Except my “mid-20s crisis” consisted of a very recent decision to take off with no real plan to work in Europe for the summer.


I’m 25 and my job I loved dearly came to a painful end. For a year I was a contract employee in two separate positions at a wonderful company working the typical office job. My coworkers were great and every day I came to work excited to tackle the day’s challenges. Unfortunately my time was up and with no suitable positions available I had no reason to stay in Burlington and was lost as to what to do next.


Clearly, “settling down” has not worked out for me.

My goal is still to go back to the Caribbean in the Fall. Those of you who know me know it’s  always been my dream to live on a tropical island, which I did for a year between 2015-2016 (why I left is another story). When I was 17 I left my hometown of Niagara for university, and since I have studied and worked in a few different places.
I have the most amazing group of girlfriends and a loving family in Niagara, but whereas everyone seems to be in relationships and talking about or buying houses, this just isn’t happening for me.


So it’s time for an unpredictable adventure!

Less than two weeks ago when I accepted there would not be a position for me at my workplace I thought… Fluff this I’m going to Europe!
The Fam Jam and I planned to go to the UK for a family vacation in June, specifically for my cousin’s wedding in London. I decided to invite myself to spend a few days before the wedding with my my other cousin in Barcelona, and return to Canada in a couple of weeks for at least the summer.
Instead, I’ve booked an appointment and am renewing my British passport for the first time in over a decade, which will allow me to legally work anywhere in the European Union!


So what’s the plan?

There’s no plan. I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve, but once I renew my passport and will “throw myself to the wild” to discover what opportunities there are across the pond. Let’s face it. I’m not going to have the experience of a lifetime or meet my Prince Charming staying at my parent’s place feeling sorry for myself.
The funny thing is, when I thought I had nothing, I saw the possibility for ANYTHING.

For the first time in a while I have no commitments, no plan, and the opportunities are endless. If I fail miserably and want to come home, my superhero of a father will help me book a flight back and I’ll chill by the pool in Niagara-on-the-Lake and continue to work as a Freelance Writer.

Love from Lala.

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