I live in my own fantasy world.

Not another ‘Look at me I’m making money riding camels’ blogger

When I started this blog in February 2016 it was because I finally had some time to work on personal projects as a writer. My full time job working for a publishing company in the BVI left me little free time to do so, especially when writing was my full time career.


I ended what was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, living on a tropical island and working essentially my dream job. Touring million dollar homes, super-yachts, and getting paid to share my experiences through words was incredible.

Stuckinyourtwenties Blog was designed to offer words of wisdom, advice and encouragement through stories and articles using a combination of serious and humorous approaches.

I am NOT a travel blogger. A ton of travel bloggers pop up on my news feed posting stuff like “Look at me I’m riding a camel in Abu Dhabi” on Tuesday and “I made it to the top of Mt. Everest” on Thursday and follow with “learn about how I make money by traveling the world”. Encouraging my readers to join some pyramid scheme to invest in a training program to make me money is not my intention. To be honest, I haven’t even figured out how to add Google Adsense to my account properly.

Personally I don’t feel you can experience a place by hitting up the main tourist attractions or even attempting to “go off the beaten path” when you travel. My goal is to live for short periods of times in unique and exotic places, long enough to establish a routine, make friends, and gain something rewarding out of my experience while working and/ or learning. Eventually I will settle in a place I love too much to leave.

Settling down in your  20s isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for me. This way of life by being a vagabond is rough. You live in places and make memories, but have to leave friends and a lifestyle behind. However, you’re left with a diversity of experiences and appreciation for other cultures and see the beauty of a person’s colourful past.

The purpose of my blog isn’t to say that you shouldn’t settle down in one place, in a relationship and in your job. It’s to encourage you to search to be sure you are HAPPY with your place in life, your accomplishments, and you’re taking the correct measures to achieve everything you’d hoped for.

If you feel like you are just following suit of your peers or a life plan to impress someone else, know that you can break out of your boundaries and your “commitments” if you feel unfulfilled.

Explore what the world around you has to offer and challenge the limits of your comfort zone. Ambition is a scary thing. Adventure is terrifying. But if you have even one doubt that your current situation isn’t right for you, do what you can to make a positive change for yourself, and in turn, those around you.

Love from Lala.

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