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Reasons why girls love guys who dance


See that pretty girl smiling on the dance floor, twirling around in her dress and laughing as she moves to “her song” with her friends? If you fancy a girl who loves the dance floor, chances are, she will appreciate a guy who can teach her a move or two.

Sometime after cheesy 70s disco moves, Thriller and the Michael Jackson fad, the braindead motionless years of 90s with a hint of Macarena, boys lost their motivation to learn how to dance. And I don’t mean dance as in that putrid “bumping and grinding” which went on in a middle school gymnasium prior to 2008, I mean the good old-fashion partner dancing that get’s your body moving and ignites your soul.

As girls, we dream of dressing in a Disney Princess ball gown and being twirled around on a shiny wooden dance floor with our Prince Charming. In real  life we have to settle for a sticky bar floor with “some guy” who 90% of the time will end up pulling a creep card when he gets too touchy and personal.

My hand, arm, and occasionally the waist are appropriate places to hold when partner dancing. Grope me, grind on me, stroke me, etc. and you’ll be gone quicker than the drink you just bought me.

It’s a rare find these days when ladies meet a true gentleman with “Dance Floor Etiquette”, but these are the reasons why we get so excited when we do.

  1. Passion for dancing = passion for fitness:  Boys are so concerned with the amount of hours they put in at the gym, so why not put some energy into the dance floor?
  2.   We feel dainty: Swings us, spin us, twirl us around and we feel as light as a feather, like Belle in her pretty yellow dress ballroom dancing with the Beast.
  3. It saves small talk conversation over a loud crowd of voices:  I can’t hear half of what you’re saying at this crowded establishment, so why not just show me a good and exciting time and I’ll be eager to meet with you in the future and hear your story.
  4. It impresses other girls:  Every girl envies that adorable pair on the dance floor who clearly are stealing the show. Girls light up when the truly enjoy dancing with a partner and love to see themselves glow.
  5.  A shared passion for music: Music is a great common interest to have, as people who like music generally place it as an important factor in their lives. If you join me in dancing to Justin Bieber or a house mash-up, it means we have an interest to explore other than the bar scene.
  6. Jamming in the car makes driving more fun:If a girl can find a guy who loves jamming while driving as much as she does, it makes the car ride part of the adventure too. Singing and dancing keeps the journey positive, and you’ll be all the more stoked when you arrive at your destination.


7. Dancing is a timeless passion: Imagine how sweet it would be for your future husband to take you by the hand in the kitchen when you’re 80, put down your mixing bowl, and start spinning you to one of your old Britney Spears cassettes? Okay so it will probably be playing on your iPod or the next thing they invent, but dancers will be dancers their whole lives, and it’s an interest that keeps things exciting and you can be sure you’ll have fun.

Love from Lala.

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