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The Tinder Date Who Blew Me Off Inspired Me To Follow My Dreams


The Tinder Date Who Blew Me Off Inspired Me To Follow My Dreams – The Final Conversation which Led to my Decision to Stay in Europe

I hate dating apps, but I decided to give the infamous Tinder app a chance only to have wasted a considerable amount of time on conversations which went nowhere. You can’t say I didn’t try.

A couple of weeks before my contract at work came to an end, I came across this incredibly handsome fella named Brody. The tattoos and nose ring caught my attention, but his interest in travelling and sailing made me eager to meet him.

Funny story. We planned to meet and go hiking on Victoria Day, our Holiday Monday on May 22, but he kept postponing coming over until I gave up, and after 10pm he called to say he was on his way. I told him I was angry he’d wasted my entire day and had no interest in meeting him anymore.

The next day at work I complained all day about how this good-looking jack-a$$ ruined my long weekend; but for whatever reason I messaged him that evening to say sorry for overreacting. It turns out he did have a good excuse and came over to watch a movie that night.

Long story short, Brody told me he was taking off to the Mediterranean in a couple of weeks to work on yachts as a tour guide, which he had done last summer too. Like me, he’d lived a few different places and still had aspirations to explore the world.

My intention was not to stalk him, as clearly he had his own plans in mind, but our conversation motivated me to embark on a summer in Europe and see where my adventure takes me…and I finally got my nose pierced.

Love from Lala.

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