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Types of Travellers you meet at a Party Hostel

Party hostels are hostels with a reputation as a place where people come to simply put… to party. When you’re backpacking through a particular country or continent, sometimes you will go out of your way to find a party hostel, whereas other times, you look for a peaceful place to get some sleep, and give your liver a break.



“Party Hostels” often market themselves as this on their websites, social media, and review sites as a go-to spot for travellers wanting to make friends, get debaucherous ,drink, dance and have a good time.

Hostels’ vibes are subject to change depending on the group of guests, and even at party hostels, you’ll find a very eclectic crowd.

If you wound up at a party hostel, chances are you’ll see some of the following types of travellers.


  1. The Original Backpacker

You know when you think of a long-haired, greasy looking guy who has been travelling for months with a grungy backpack covered in patches from the places he’s been? That’s an original backpacker. These guys, or girls, like to mix it up with party hostels, adventurous hostels, quaint little forest huts, anything that broadens their experience of the world as much as possible. They’ve been to so many kinds of hostels around that world that nothing disgusts them anymore. Yeah they smell, and they just don’t care.


2. The Primadonna Partiers

Never travelling without their posse, the primadonna partiers are the type that belong at a 5-star resort, but have taken the hostel route to get a true taste of ‘backpacker partying’. They like the idea of getting plastered, but they’re also grossed-out by the thought of sharing their space with randoms. You’ll find they always book private rooms, and complain about the lack of selection at the complimentary breakfast. They travel with a Go-Pro and spend more time posing for their social media photos than they do actually enjoying the party.


3. The Thrifty Budget-Seekers

Usually in a duo, or sometimes a trio, the Thrifty Budget-Seekers are almost always spotted together and never leave each others’ sides; most likely because they don’t want to make any decision on their own which may involve dipping into their super tight and planned-out budget. They’re reasonably polite, and don’t mind joining in on the party from time to time, but they’re more so staying at the hostel because of the super low price per bed and free pancake breakfast than drink and party. Don’t expect them to join in on your rambunctious good-time if it involves splurging more than $10 for the night.


4. The First Time Travellers

Off on their own, not knowing quite what to expect, these youngsters are brand new to the idea of travel and have spent their entire savings on this trip. They’re excited to get away from their parents and let loose, yet they’re not quite ready for what’s in store at a true party hostel. These guys will have an experience which can go one of two ways: either be a total riot, join in on the fun and be half naked in a fairy costume after three mystery shots, or they’ll be terrified by the lack of morals, and leave to go to a more sophisticated hostel.


5. The Solo Traveller

Although other types of travellers may be travelling solo, the “solo traveller” is a very distinct and identifiable kind. They’re your classic introvert with their own agenda and itinerary. They don’t often choose a party hostel, but when they do, it’s to change up the mix in scenery from the five bed B&B owned by a little old lady they stayed at last week. One night they may be kicking your a$$ in strip poker and acting like your long lost brother, and the next night politely tell you to F-off because they’re staying in to read the next chapter of their book.


6. The Girls Gone Wild

This type of girl seems to be rare nowadays since it is now so easy to shoot a video of sleazy behaviour and make it go viral on the internet. Girls Gone Wild used to be exactly that- girls going wild, engaging in the type of behaviour where anything would go. Some girls just crave attention. These are the girls who’s bras you see hanging from the bar at the beach shack of a full moon party, the ones falling off tables, and happily exposing what’s under their shirt for a beaded necklace, even when it’s not Mardi-Gras.


7. The Party Boys

Most guys who come to a party hostel are there for two main things: booze and b*tches. Party boys travel with a backpack containing cut-away tanks and their all mighty ego. They are likely to be found drinking on a lounger wearing neon sunglasses in the pool by day, and slurring their speech picking up girls by night. Typically they’ll only stay around the hostel for a couple of days until one of them gets a bad reputation with the ladies and its time to move onto a new hostel.


8. The Couple

Does a couple really belong at a party hostel? Well, not really, since the idea of a party hostel is bring together single travellers who are there to have a good time with one another. The couple can be quite fun and join in on the games and shenanigans… but I’ve never met a couple that truly promotes the idea of their other half engaging in a body shot with another guest, or who doesn’t get a little cheesed off when a good looking person gets undressed and their partner takes a gander.


9. The Big Fat Party Animal

Now this type, the Big Fat Party Animal, is a classic in any type of party situation, not just a hostel. He’s the type of guy who doesn’t care that he’s overweight, he’s just there to drink beers and party. Usually quite a likeable character during the day, he often can get a bit too loud and obnoxious towards the end of the night. His classic moves are yelling “WOOOOOO!” whilst chugging a can of beer and photo-bombing every group’s selfies.He’s a great guy to be around during the party, but just pray you’re not his roommate and you’re stuck on the bottom bunk.

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