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10 Signs you’ve been best friends for too long


Well, there’s actually no such thing as being best friends for “too long”. True friendships are wonderful bonds, and those extra special “best-friends” relationships are ones to treasure.

When we meet someone, we often go through that awkward “getting to know you stage”, where you act significantly more reserved than you would if it was you and your Bestie alone, until you discover what is appropriate social behaviour around this individual and what is not.

Chances are, if there is more than a couple of things this person deems ‘inappropriate’ which you don’t agree with, you probably wont be lifelong buddies anyways since true friendships are built on a foundation of humour and inappropriateness (at least if you’re reading my blogs you’ll agree).

I like to skip this awkward “getting to know you stage” and immediately talk to someone like I know them. Sometimes this can be considered rude since I never ask the introductory personal questions it takes to know someone’s background, but within half an hour I’ll have you relaxed, laughing, and maybe even on the dance floor- whether or not there is one.

However, there are several little quirks and habits I would not do around a new face until I’ve met them several times, which is like second nature when I’m around a Bestie.


Here’s a few signs that if you engage in this behaviour around another human being, you’ve been Besties way too long:

You could practically have a full conversation based on noises, impressions, and inside jokes.

1. You and your Bestie share a similar sense of idiocy, and the weirdness that you may have thought only dwelled within yourself can actually be shared and embraced with this other magical person. Because of the vast amount of time you’ve spent together, you have numerous inside jokes which can be reminisced with specific noises and actions to relieve the hilarious memories.

2. You don’t shut the door when you go to the bathroom.

If you’re a guy, you’re used to using the ground as your toilet anywhere there is grass or shrubbery. As girls, we don’t have this privilege and instead rely on other females to accompany us to the bathroom whether it be a one person toilet at a residential home which we do not know the layout, or in some uncomfortable spot outside in the wilderness. Since this has already been done, why should we bother to shut the door on our own bathroom trips when we can continue our conversation with our friend out in the living room.

3. You pick food off each other’s plates without asking.

This is a personal pet peeve, but one I’ve learned to put up with. It’s MY FOOD. But that’s not going to stop the busy fingers of my friends from helping themselves to what’s on my plate, or the large bowl of spaghetti Bolognese my Mum made for us. But it’s okay because I know the secret cookie jar where my Bestie’s mum keeps the best sugary treats.

4. Gas, from any direction, is acceptable.

Some people take this a little to the extreme and forget that along with embarrassing noises often comes foul odours which can be unpleasant, especially when trapped inside a vehicle. It is also not ideal to engage in this behaviour if there are other people in the vicinity.

5. Why would I wear nice undergarments for you?

You have no problem changing your pants/shirts in front of your Bestie, and you’ve gotten so close you really don’t care if they’re holey or a little stained.

6. You talk about stomach and bowel issues like it’s NBD. Tummy grumbling? Need Peptobismol? You’re not afraid to give your Bestie a full on description of what’s happening down there to justify why it sounded like there was just a breaking & entering in the house.

7. You tell them your most embarrassing moments. Even ones you don’t want to remind yourself of, it’s too hilarious not to share with someone. You know all their humiliating stories, and they have equally as much dirt on you.


8. You have nicknames and actions which represent people the two of you know.

You’ll have a ridiculous name for someone which a majority of the time you can not even trace back to where it came from, such as ‘Fat Man and His BBQ’, ‘the Nose’, or ‘Nostrils ‘Chris’. A simple dance move or action can represent a person, and when reenacting this from across a room, you can make your friend burst into tears of laugher if done with enough enthusiasm.

9. You don’t care that your dirty underpants are displayed on the floor.

Well, I’ll pick them up if I have guests coming over, but my roommate and I used to know to dodge them like land-mines upon entering the other’s domain.


10. You’re brutally honest, and you love each other for it.

“You’re a total slob. Can you please take out the garbage this once?”

“Yeah well you’re just analy clean and everyone thinks you need to chill.”

“Coming from the girl with the over-anxious high-pitched voice?”

“Oh shut up and pour me a drink.”


Love from Lala.

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