I live in my own fantasy world.

Who the h*ll is this chick?


I live in my own fantasy world, and after my nickname which comes from my initials (L.A.), I call it “Lala Land”.

I may only be 24 years old, but I am wise as f*ck. *Now I have updated this page over a year later. I’m now 25 (June 2017).

*Updated again November 9th 2017. I am starting to realise that it’s just assumed that by this age I should be wise. I’ve experienced a lot in these almost 26 years, more than most of my peers, but I am far from making my way through the traditional milestones we associate with being “grown up”.

Slow down people… We’re supposed to treasure our 20s. This blog is about finding a balance between taking advantage of the years we have to explore, whilst making the wise choices which will positively affect our future.

I’ve proven the Hollywood theory everyone believes that “these things don’t happen in real life” and have had a great deal of movie-like moments occur to me on a regular basis. Some small, some funny, and some incredibly serious.

Since I was seventeen and left the nest for university, Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) was my home base, yet I’ve made an effort to live different places and still plan to continue exploring the world.

I went to a school a few hours away from NOTL, but returned home quite frequently for home-cooked meals and someone else to wash my underpants. Oh and my Mum and Dad are awesome!

Seriously; ever since high school my Mum has hosted “dinner parties” with my best girlfriends and me, serving us her famous chilli or spaghetti Bolognese and we’d proceed with games of our own version of Charades.

My Dad remained a perfect father during my bratty, rebellious teen years, where he would drive me anywhere I wanted in the car while I sat there in silence blasting music he didn’t like. Now I talk to him so much in the car he probably wishes I’d shut up.

In the summers of university, I would do part time internships from 1-3 months in Milwaukee, Wisconsin- the land of big fat party animals who are proud of it. Despite my border-line eating disorder at the time which made me fear bratwurst and my dislike for beer, I belong there.

During university I spent a semester in Sacramento, California. I met some really great people and got heavily into the Gay Pride scene, flaunting the rainbow as my third favourite colour. The first being sparkles, and the second is pink.

I spent a year living in the British Virgin Islands from 2015-2016. A tropical paradise where I did my dream job writing and editing for a luxury property and yacht magazine. Why would I give it up? I guess you’ll have to read my blog and make a guess, although I don’t intentionally mean to slander anyone or anything.

After this event, I spent a couple months back in NOTL, visited friends in the Cayman Islands and Florida, and then I landed this awesome job at a Sports Nutrition and Diet Supplement company. They gave me a contract as a Copywriter which ended sooner than expected. On my last day, turns out they had another contract where I’d be running around babysitting the production of print advertisements. The experience I gained at this company was incredible, but sadly it came to an end in June 2017.

I had to decide “What’s my next career move?” and “Where do I want to live?”. My choice was to move back home and desperately figure something out, or throw myself to the wild and see where in the world life would take me.  Sometimes no plan is the best plan.

*Updated November 2017: So I packed my bag for Europe. Instead of for a 2 week vacation to Barcelona and then the UK like I’d planned, I packed it for at least two months to see “where the wind would blow me”. This wind blew me to a legendary Party Hostel in Greece called The Pink Palace. This was an AMAZING summer. You can read all about it in my Eurotrip section.

At the end of August 2017 I returned home, and spent a couple months putting around and searching for my next opportunity to escape. It’s complicated and stressful trying to uproot your life and fill out a million forms only to come across complications you didn’t intend.

Long story, but I decided I’d stick around NOTL and not be in a hurry to leave again if and when the time is right. For now, I am picking up work as a Freelance Writer and can pick and choose the writing projects I want to work on which will help develop my writing career.

I have yet to find a boyfriend who I can actually call a boyfriend and not just “this guy I was seeing” since my year and a half relationship in high school. And that was just nuts- sorry Mike, you know our friendship is forever.

My purpose of this blog is to address both serious and silly real-life situations with a humorous approach that makes us not all want to go and listen to Adel and drink mystery kook-aid at Charles Manson’s tea party after

So have a laugh at my expense, and walk away with a lesson- it’s on me.

I wish you a pleasant day and a magical lifetime.

L.A Amelia (Lala)