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A dozen activities that shouldn’t just be for kids


If you know me or have been following my blog at all, it will be no surprise to learn that I am NOT a fan of growing up. Yes I agree, we need to be mature, especially when we graduate college and have to organise our own lives; but that doesn’t mean we need to throw in the flag and stop having fun.

We complain that with age we’re less active, have less energy, and all around find ourselves having less fun. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather burn my calories playing a game of freeze tag than half an hour on a tedious elliptical machine. And it’s not just physical activity we give up on. It’s our passion for colours, characters, and being silly in general- factors which contributes to a healthy and positive mood.


So next time you’ve got some free time or you’re hanging out with friends, why not do one of the following activities?


  1. Trampolines

Trampolines may just be the most enjoyable, sneaky way of exercising. Of course, if you’re bouncing around on a recreational trampoline you wont burn as much as on a mini fitness trampoline, but then again, it’s hella more enjoyable. According to CalorieLab, a 125 pound person (slightly less than myself) will burn 140 calories an hour. Realistically, I don’t have that time to bounce on a trampoline, but 15 min of pretending I’m a spaceman bouncing to the moon will allow me to burn off one plain ginger-snap cookie. Hey- it’s better than sitting on my behind.

We now have SkyZone trampoline parks in some major cities which welcome adults to the facilities. But next time you’re at a BBQ in someone’s backyard and there’s a trampoline, I dare you to go bounce on that trampoline (preferably before you start drinking margaritas).


2. Bouncy castles

I’m sure bouncy castles are considered even less physical activity than trampolines, but the amount of endorphins produced in my body when I force my way into one must be enough to light up Edward Cullen’s closet of Sunday Bests. Unfortunately, not that many people own bouncy castles, and it is usually frowned upon to partake in the fun at a child’s birthday party. Well you know what I am going to do at my next party? Hire a bouncy castle! Last time I went in one was at the Milwaukee Carnival, where most if not all patrons at the event were 21 and over, and I did not see one person have a disappointing time inside the blow-up palace.


3. Hide and Seek

If anything, this activity should be for adults, since kids easily get lost and confused and could end up in some place dangerous. Of course, so could I, but nowadays we have things called cell phones, so if we really misplace a person we can always track them down.

Sure, we may not be able to fit into all the nooks and crannies we used to, and we may need a bigger area, so why not go to a park or beach or even play the game while out at a multi-room nightclub? You may look a little silly if people catch on to what you’re doing, but chances are, they’re secretly wishing they could join in.

activities arts and crafts

4. Arts & Crafts

More commonly known by “sophisticated” young adults as DIY projects, arts & crafts is fun and therapeutic and enables us to get creative. Macaroni art pictures and papier-mâché balloons aren’t exactly stimulating, but personally I still enjoy anything where I can decorate with glitter and rhinestones.

When we were kids, a homemade gift was considered sweet and thoughtful. Somewhere along the way (most likely in our tween-teen years) this concept was considered cheap and lazy. But if you put the time and effort to make a craft that is very nice and you pay for the materials yourselves, this will be an original gift for your loved ones or a new adornment for your home. And who doesn’t enjoy some tasty and decorative baked goods!?


5. Nicky-Nicky Nine Doors

Alright, I admit, not the best option. Especially since once the police get called, you’re going to look like a real moron for having this on your permanent record. But if you’re stuck in a rut for an adrenaline rush, it’s something to think about! (Kidding)


6. Dance Dance Revolution

Back in our teen years, more than likely we knew at least one kid who sunk all their pocket money into a DDR at the arcade. If you’ve never tried DDR, you’re missing out, cause everyone’s tried DDR. Although many of us wouldn’t engage in it as a religious hobby, it was fun to do now and then and a great way to get a little cardio exercise; plus you get to learn the biggest hits in Korean pop music. Next time you see one, grab a friend and battle DDR for a new thrill and a good giggle.


7. Wandering the streets

Remember when we were kids and had no where to go once we got kicked out of Tim Hortons after 90 minutes and we were too cool for our parents basements? We had to make our own fun by wandering the streets or walking to the next destination. Now that most of us have cars, we eliminate most of the journey, and these were the times when we’d run into the most interesting characters and walk away with the best inside jokes. Of course, it looks odd for “adults” to do this, but just saddle up in your yoga pants and pretend your working out if someone asks.


8. Balloons

Who doesn’t love receiving a balloon when they’re welcomed home after a duration of time away, are in hospital for a minor procedure, on congratulating them on passing a degree or driving test? Those tin foil helium balloons can stay afloat for weeks, and I don’t know about you, but they always make me happy. When we were children, we’d tie them around our wrists and this was a great way for our parents to keep an eye on us. Several of my friends could to with this when we go out in public areas with large crowds. They’re not just a tracking device for infants.


9. Birthday Parties

It seems like birthday parties are a big deal when we’re under the age of 12, and become a big deal again for every major milestone age we turn as we enter a brand new decade. In between these celebratory years we might go out for dinner with a few friends or family, maybe out for a couple of drinks, but at the idea of a whole planned “party” goes out the window.

I miss the days when I’d send out My Little Pony invites, put together goody-bags, eat a slice of cake in the shape of Hello Kitty’s face off of matching Disney Princess plates, and whack the salted nuts and gum drops out a piñata.  Maybe I should choose a slightly more theme(s) since on my next birthday I’ll be 25, but consider it an excuse to put on your best party dress, buy me a thoughtful present, and I’ll plan a fun day full of activities and games, but this time instead of Kool-Aid we’ll have mimosas!


10. Indoor Playgrounds

Indoor ball pens got a bad rep when we were kids because of the misplaced nappies, possible accidents, and lost sandwiches which contributed to that putrid ball pen smell. What if we were to have one only for adults, and they actually take the balls and clean them every few days?

And who misses all the slides, swinging ropes, crawling through tubes, and climbing and falling onto something soft? I do! Obstacle courses and soft play are a great way to escape the tension of realty and focus our minds on a stress-free, exciting challenge. Luckily for me, there are these parks for adults opening in bigger cities too. But in the mean time in between time, I can make a course in my back yard with a slip-n-slide, kiddie pool, bubble guns, and my Mum’s best show pillows.


11. Playing dress-up

Maybe this is because there is an inner-model in me, as I used to do model and direct creative photo-shoots when I was in university, but I LOVE getting dressed up in cute or original outfits, as long as I look adorable. I’m not sure if I have quite enough of a childhood imagination to dress up in my Mum’s blouses from the 80s and sit and have a tea party with my teddy bears, but if you ask me, we should all have a costume box for when guests come over.

Nowadays, theme parties are becoming more popular and sometimes you’ll be asked to dress up as a completely obscure character and may require wings, fluffies, a Tutu, roll of caution tape, and even some sticky face paint.

My roommate and I had a “prop bag” in our house and we used to mimic people who we were fed-up with by wearing bowls on our heads as fedoras and a frying pans as vanity mirrors.


12. Slumber parties

Slumber parties evolve over the course of our childhood from something planned and eagerly anticipated, to a necessary sleeping arrangement or available accommodation.

When we are little, our mothers plan a week in advance for our friends to come over for dinner and a sleepover. Dressed in our best jammies, we either share a cozy bed with the host, or as a group, several bodies uncomfortably pack around each other onto a cold basement floor for an uncomfortable sleep requiring two days recouperation.

As teens, a sleepover becomes “a place to crash”, usually at the house of the friend who has the latest curfew or lives closest to the party. In university, life is a sleepover since the dorms are filled with co-ed residents persuading each other to do things other than homework, or a house of room-mates with opposing sleep-schedules.

When we get older, we get separation anxiety from our own beds, and relish the time we can enjoy curled-up in a noise free fortress of blankets away from commotion. The sound of spending a random night at a stranger’s house after a party seems appalling, and we forget what it was like to have a good old fashioned slumber party.

You’re never too older to invite of a group of friends for a potluck, some facial masks, Smartfood, and an evening of gossip silly party games; all taking place in your most fly pair of Victoria Secret pyjamas.


What ever type of activity we are craving but for some reason are hesitant to pursuit it in a crowd larger than our reflection, remember, we were all kids once. We all enjoyed silly things once. Some of us still enjoy these activities a little too much. And if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find the people who are awesome enough to partake in these favourite past pastimes with you regardless of your age!


Love from Lala.

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