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Get a GLOW Before you Go


Get a Glow Before You Go

The Benefits of Building a Base Tan Before Your Winter Break


“Ugh, I’m so jealous of your tan…” is the most frequent reaction from a friend we look at a photo we just took standing next to each other. Or “I’m so white.”
“Then go tanning…” I respond.
“But it’s so bad for you…”
“Well, that’s not exactly true…”


Indoor tanning has been known to have positive benefits on your physical and mental health, and can even prevent crucial skin damage from exposure to strong natural UV rays when done under the advice and supervision of certified professionals. Consider building a base tan before you escape to the tropics this winter…


I spoke with James Porteous, who has owned Sunkist Tan on Appleby Line in Burlington since 2008. James ensures that his staff complete the Smart Tan UV Training prior to advising customers on tanning. He says that tanning gives the body a burst Vitamin D and it’s a simple way to destress – especially in the winter to combat seasonal disorder. As a tropical baby at heart, indoor tanning in the winter helps me fill the void of exposure to sunlight, helps me to relax, and bring back fond memories of summer!


Smart Tan UV Training teaches the 6 different types of skin tones which range from 0-7 Skin Type I to 8+ Skin Type IV. People with Skin Type I are very sensitive to sunlight and vice versa.

“Using this [Smart Tan UV] scale we are able to aid our clients to what is safest for them. Even though Skin Type 1 one does not tan, some clients choose to visit the tanning salon for the health benefits of Vitamin D, and also to treat skin aliments such as eczema or ache.” – James Porteous


Few of us with naturally lighter skin tones can expect to flee to the Caribbean this winter and return with a golden tan without some consequences. Even those of us fortunate enough to have darker complexions easily can burn or suffer skin damage when exposed to stronger UV rays than our bodies are used to.


There’s no need to fill your suitcase with SPF 75 to try and block the sun entirely. Building a base tan can aid in the prevention of burns while allowing you to return to the Great White North with a beautiful bronze tan.


“A base Tan is kind of like a barrier that allows you to handle more exposure to sunlight… it is proven that people going away have less tendency to burn with a solid base colour,” informed Jamie.

There’s no doubt a negative stigma that surrounds indoor tanning. Health and Safety regulations require tanning beds to come with warnings that advise that too much exposure can cause long-term skin damage; and there is no denying that this is true. What is important is knowing how to tan in moderation and only to a level which is compatible with your skin type.


Choose a salon which is Smart Tan Certified and learn how to obtain colour the safe way… ‘Get a Glow Before You Go’ to your tropical destination this winter!

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Love from Lala.

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