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It’s not just a phase… Signs you’re a true fan of HOUSE music

For some of us, it’s not just a “phase” – Signs you’re a true fan of HOUSE Music


  1. You’re over 23 and you still attend festivals

By the time you turn 22 or 23, most of the people you regularly attended festivals with say they’ve “outgrown” going to big EDM festivals, and prefer to spend their money on  average nights out at a local pub or sports bar. You don’t “outgrow” festivals if you really love the music. In fact, these events would be way better if they didn’t allow silly twits under the legal drinking age to attend.


2. You can wake up and listen to a dirty podcast on your way to work

Most people can’t stomach listening to music first thing in the morning, especially not blasting out of every speaker with an earth-shattering bass in their car before 9am. Melodic tunes are like lullabies to me- deep house  is the best way to start my morning.


3. No two house songs sound the same to you

And they’re not. To me, all country music sounds the same. If you have an appreciation for a type of music, you’ll know that no two songs of a genre sound alike. If you’ve ever learned to DJ or tried electronic music production, you’ll know each song is built with layers upon layers, and how complex each one is.



4. You love neon colours – you did, you do, you always will

They’re amazing- and in all seasons, not just summer. Fun colours, outfits, tutus, and fuzzy hats make the true rave experience more fun. If I ever own a house it will be neon pink and sparkles with giant panda-face fuzzy couches.


5. You’d rather be in a small  club with a good sound system than a huge concert venue

Festivals are awesome for wandering around, exploring, and people-watching, but nothing beats a dirty little club with a great sound system. You know, the kind where you feel like you’re inside the beating heart of a unicorn when the bass drops? If you know the feeling, you’re a true fan of house music.


6. You don’t need to be drunk  to dance

Although there’s nothing wrong with a few drinks, or a night out drinking, most of the time you go out to enjoy the music. You don’t mind cleaning or doing household chores  because it’s an excuse to turn on your music and dance while being productive.


7. Music is you’re cure for sadness

Your most miserable day in the world can become instantaneously better when you listen to a good podcast.



8. House music is a great motivator to workout, but it’s equally great when you’re sitting down

A lot of people say “I like house music to work out”. Well yeah, cause it’s basically the music equivalent of someone shouting at you to get off your fat a$$ and break out a sweat. If you love the music, you enjoy it for the sounds and the melodies.

9. You’re a firm believer that dancing shouldn’t have an age limit

It’s really sad when people associate dancing with being childish and immature. Getting black-out and acting irresponsibly when you have responsibilities is childish and immature, but not the act of going out dancing and enjoying good music.


10. Most nightclub DJs just suck

Top 40 is painful to the ears when you’re out for a night dancing- especially when they play 30 seconds of each song with no transition between one to the next. A song without smooth transitions sounds like a transformer fighting with a lawnmower inside a blender.


11. Your idea of great bottle service would be a giant water cooler and a bucket of freezies

Ravers know the importance of staying hydrated with H20. You’d rather have a booth to yourself with a 24 pack of water bottles or a giant water cooler than a bottle of Goose that runs out after 3 vodka-cranberries. Add a bucket of freezies to that booth and you’re in heaven.


12. A good light show is your idea of art

Who even designs those epic light shows anyways? That person is my idea of this Millennium’s Picasso.


13. You prefer dancing alone than with anyone

You can’t stand the thought of your dance zone being interrupted – even by the most attractive member of the opposite, or same sex. A dance-off is awesome, but don’t ruin my space to cut some serious shapes.


14. Finding a new remix on YouTube is more exciting than any other news of the day

Finding a great remix of a an average song beats anything on your Facebook Feed, Instagram, or group chat messages… unless of your course that news contains a great underground set.


Love from Lala.

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